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No matter where you stand, you will find the coaching that fits you.

Video Coaching

This coaching well give you tips, ideas and information how you are able to reduce your stress and how to strengthen your resilience. 

- Short and succinct videos
- every week a new video
- every month a masterclass
- no dripping content
- all videos are accessible at once
- holistic approach
- wide range of subjects: mindfulness, meditation, psychological subjects, food and beverages, sleep, self-care, etc.

Learning videos

Your Key to resilience

This video coaching will reduce your stress and strengthen your resilience. I will run about three months.

- short and succinct videos
- helping PDF with summaries
- reflexion
- a live call a week
- a community to exchange
- a long term approach, no stress diet
- a database with additional information
- a support team is waiting for questions
- you can watch the videos at any time convenient for you

Video Coaching

Individual Coaching

This coaching is the most intensive you can get. It will take place 1:1 online. We will meet every week for one session over three months.

During this coaching we will have look at past situations which caused stress. We will go on a journey to find your motives for this behaviour, because it was successful in the past and now it causes problems. Further we will look which tips could help you to strengthen your resilience and what situations could trigger incidents or relapses.

Individual coaching

Who am I?


Hello, I'm Gudrun, and I have studied psychology, have taken part in various coaching trainings and I am looking forward to helping you to strengthen your resilience.

More About Me

You are not sure yet? Explore our free webinars..

Free webinars

Reduce your stress

In this webinar you will be introduce to stressors to help you to understand what stresses you and you will learn how to reduce your stress.

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What Stress is not...

Is stress always bad? Can it be good? May it be of help to you? How can stress be good for you? All these questions and more we will discuss in this free webinar.

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5 tips to grow your resilience

Besides reducing your stress grow your resilience, because resilience will make you stronger. Take your five tips you get for free. Do not hesitate

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What can you expect from
Start with Gudrun!?

Start with Gudrun! is a program to reduce your stress and to grow your resilience.

Resilience is like an elastic strap that, when you put pressure on it it will stretch and when you not overdo it it will return into its old position after releasing the pressure. When you are looking for help your elastic strap is torn and of course, it will not go back into its old position, ie. you have lost yourself, you have difficulties making decisions, prioritising your duties and work and have lost the vision of your life..

When you strengthen your resilience you will be able to use situation adaptive behaviour and when the stress relief sets in you will be able to be yourself again.

If you want all the help you can get at any time, choose the membership and you will get everything except the individual coaching.

Video Coaching

The short learning videos will give you tips how to reduce your stress.


You will get free excess to the masterclasses as soon as they are uploaded.

Key to resilience

Videos will drop in regularly and I will come live once a week.



Our most popular plan

  • Video
  • Tips
  • Exercises
  • Unlimited access to every coaching
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Betty Smith

"The coachings helped me to reduce my anxiety and my stress. I am me again."

Jenny Birman

"I was a worrier what my future might bring. Now I know that I will reach everything when I stay in the present."

Maria Santos

"Gudrun's coachings helped me build confidence."

Change your situation by reducing your stress and building your resilience  

The only person who will be able to change your situation will be you. As your are already on this page for some time, I will ask you what are you waiting for? Start now to change your life.

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